Travel and Vintage – Ontario

Two of my passions are travel and vintage shopping. I have been around the world and back and am currently situated in glorious San Francisco aka The VINTAGE MECCA!  Spoilt for choice here on the streets of the Mission, Haight Ashbury, SoMa, NoPa and all the other districts that keep popping up, I will take you with me on a road less traveled to the small town of Dunnville Ontario.

Over the summer my husband and I traveled to Canada for two weeks to visit my folks in a city outside of Toronto called Oakville. My husband a Sydney, Australia native had yet to experience a typical Canadian summer at the cottage. So we packed up our pup and headed south from Oakville to the beautiful lake Erie to meet my cousin and some friends for a tranquil few days of drinking, swimming, cooking, board games and SHOPPING!?Dunnville isn’t a place you would set out for an afternoon of window browsing, unless you were in the market for some meth-lab supplies, or a new muffler for your hog.  It’s a strange  little country town 20 minutes west of lake Erie. The town and the people of Dunville are an eclectic mix, beautiful old houses, rundown trailer parks, organic eateries and intimidating dive bars but just beyond the “Doughnut Diner” in all of it’s orange siding glory, stood the Loving Angels Inspiration Thrift Store

When I first walked in, excited to pillage (after promises were made of great bounty by my cousin) I was feeling a bit disappointed when I was met only by old figurines, books, china dolls (*shudder*) and other random nic nacs. Close to calling out someone on their lies and betrayal I found myself in the back room, surrounded by racks of old vintage high waisted Lee’s, native Indian pressed leather handbags, some Calvin Klein crop tops that looked as though they were stripped right off the back of  Kate Moss, circa 1993; I was a happy cottager. After a good 45 minutes I knew I was beginning to ware thin on the patients of the others who had left to get coffee and came back to state their annoyances and loom around quietly hinting to me to get a move on. I grabbed my arm load of stuff and headed to the till where I was greeted by a lovely lady who rang me up and said ” that will be $5.00 for the lot”.  SCORE!!

The best and worst part of shopping small town second hand. Best: You’ll feel like you just stumbled upon the Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple; Worst:  it’s usually safe to say that you’ll be walking out of the shop feeling like you’ve just committed a robbery.  

*Small town, not-for-profit thrift stores like this one which serve lower income communities are a great place to make a monetary donation if you have a few extra bucks 🙂Image



Selling this beautiful vintage Anne Klein Blazer with Cutout detail on the back!

Selling this beautiful vintage Anne Klein Blazer with Cutout detail on the back!

Hey my tall fashionista sistas! I am going to be selling some great vintage finds for the taller woman – please check out my first listing this great vintage Anne Klein blazer with cutout detail on the back: