Pretty in Pink with Top Shop Tall!

Hey Beautiful Tall Ones!

Just a quickie, it’s been a long day!  So this long, fuzzy gem is the Tall Fluffy Swing Coat from Top Shop and it’s going straight to the top of my X-Mas list this year, what’s on yours?

Pink and FLuffy


Tall Muse: The Beautiful Gwendoline Christie @ 6’3

Not only is Gwendoline one of my favourite characters on Game of Throwns and a fabulous dresser I relate a lot to her views on femininity. Here is a quote that rang true with me from an article in the Huffington Post where Gwendoline talks about what it was like to cut off her golden locks to play the  spectacular role of Brienne Of Tarth:  “It’s very hard as a tall woman to remove your deliberately pronounced feminine aspects and look more masculine,””But in service to a part I do absolutely love and I do believe is doing something to change notions of femininity, then it’s actually a pleasure.” I think she is really diversifying the way we look at beauty and femininity. When I was a teenager I was 6’2, no hips was flat chested with shoulders like a line backer and so desperately wanting to fit into the same clothes as my fellow female peers, leaving me feeling slightly genderless. In the end it drove me to create my own clothes, some feminine, some masculine, most of all it gave me a sense of identity and my own style which has stayed with me over the years. Now that I am older, wiser and have filled in, curved out, I feel just as beautiful, womanly and feminine in a pair of tracky-dacks as I do in a girly dress. I can’t wait to see more of Gwendoline Christie and strong, tall women like her playing leading roles in the future!

Gwen - Fashion Muse

Who is your tall idol?


Sporting Tall with Nike and Athleta

Hey Tall Sporty Beauties!

Do you ever have a hard time finding the perfect running pants? Running pants that come all the way down to your size 12 supportive, practical running shoe which are also difficult to source with your fantastic fashion sense, wants and desires? Well then, we have a lot in common! It’s getting pretty cool here in San Francisco and I need to ditch my running shorts for a pair of long pants. Most running tights I have tried on don’t quite reach my ankle which isn’t a huge deal but that inch of exposed skin gets cold and can be distracting. When it comes to running it takes every iota of mental strength to remain focused as I despise the act of running but it just makes me feel so good afterwards. So I went on a hunt to find some extra long running pants which were long, breathable and stayed in place while I ran. I have added a few options for extra long, tall gal tops from Athleta into the mix of my Sporty Look Du Jour that are both functional and breathable with really funky prints.

Running Ware redo (1)

1.) The Gams: Nike Epic Run running tights are one of my favourite athletic tights, they are great for running or cross training at the gym. The dri-fit technology of the fabric keeps you dry and the streamlined design stays snug through the run with out you having to pull them up all the time. They keep their form through washes (I would recommend hanging them to dry  as opposed to popping them in the dryer) and have a great zip pocket for your keys and cash.

2.) The Ladies: Rebound Racer Bra by Moving Comfort is probably the most comfortable, supportive, sports bra I own that creates great shape and is aesthetically pleasing with a funky ashy pattern and racer back.

3.) The Tank: I don’t own the Fuse Tank yet but I hope to in the future. So although I can’t speak for it’s fit, I am always on the hunt for longer tops and I really love the print and design of the shirt.

4.) The Sleeves: Nirav Tunic which I also found on Athleta. It has a fashionable, on-trend design with a cutout back that adds a little umph to your work out ware. It’s light weight soft French Terry cloth, machine  washable and most importantly super long in body and sleeves.

5.) The Fleece: Nike is pretty is insane with it’s mind bending fabric technologies and the Nike Tech Fleece Wind Rummer Full Zip is a good example of how far Nike has come in keeping the body warm, light, dry and aerodynamic.  This jacket has a beautifully streamlined, contouring shape, keeping you looking good while your knock off those miles. The jacket is a bit longer in the back which I like, so when you’re doing your post run stretches, you stay covered up, plus it comes in some pretty sweet colours!

6.) The Dome: Love this colourful  Mara beanie by Pistil  that will help keep your head warm and dry. The hat is a Merino wool blend which is a natural wicking fabric keeping you extra warm for those cold morning and night runs.

7.) The Dream Shoe: Nike I.D  give you the opportunity to design your own shoe, how cool is that! With sizes ranging from a size 5-12, you can chose everything from fit, type, material, water resistance, no water resistants, colour, pattern, cushion, responsiveness – I am sure you get the picture, lots of options and when you have a size 12 like myself, options are few and far between.

Sometimes a great fitting, fashionable piece of exercise gear really motivates me to hit the gym when I need an extra push!

Happy hump day!