Dot and Pete Makes My Shoe Dreams Come True Again!

Hey Tall Beauties!

If you wear up to a size 13 shoe in women’s and you haven’t checked out this fantastic Aussie outfit Dot and Pete they are definitely worth web window shop! I fell in love with the brand back when I was living in Sydney Australia and the shops  that catered to my size 12 foot were pretty non-existent . Dot and Pete don’t have a huge turnover of product but when they do create something new it is totally on-trend, well made and gorgeous. I am loving these gladiator sandals below for summer, which can’t come soon enough!

Happy Shopping!


Jaz Sandal - Dot and Pete


Swimsuits – Shopping Tall with an Aussie line from Robyn Lawley!

Heya Tallies!

So buying a swimsuit is probably one of my least favourite purchases of all time, on numerous levels. Level Number One: I dislike cozzy shopping like 85% of  all women because I feel very exposed and it’s a lot to handle fresh out of winter with super pale skin and some extra “keep the cold out” pounds you so generously put on as it was an exceptionally chilly winter, coupled with a jungle of unkept hair that you grew  to insulate against that harsh windchill. Level Number Two: Being long bodied, I can never find a really great fitting one-piece swimsuit which is on trend and sexy. I end up with a solid black bathing suit, with tummy ruching, that is never long enough which creates this unflattering super-high leg that only Cindy Crawford circa early 90’s could pull off.   After my old lady swimsuit has been purchased I spend more energy and money scouring for a funky cover-up to hide my ill fitting bathing-suit but at least with wraps and tunics I have a bit more room to play with colour, patterns and shape

This year will be different, I will not succumb to my usual black burka set as I will be the proud new owner of a Robyn Lawley swimsuit! If you haven’t seen this incredible line of swimmers from the beautiful 6’2 Aussie goddess, you should totally check it out here!